Copywriting is a mystery to many people.

What is copywriting and why is it important? If you do an online search for copywriting services Melbourne, copywriting agency Melbourne, copywriter Melbourne, you will get a long list of companies in Melbourne that offer these services. But do they all do the same thing? If they are offering copywriting services, it will depend on their focus. But first let’s look at a definition of copywriting.


Why is web copywriting important to a business?
Different types of copywriting

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One common definition is ‘Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.’ (Source: Wikipedia).

Now with a clear definition, let’s look at common types of copywriting services.

One copywriting agency in Melbourne might specialise in certain areas. For example, they could only offer business-to-business copywriting services in Melbourne. This means they only work with businesses that sell to other businesses. These are usually in commercial and industrial sectors. For example, a company selling factory automation equipment in Melbourne will aim their marketing at other businesses, not individual consumers. A business-to-business copywriter in Melbourne would be the right person to contact if you are selling your products or services to other businesses.

On the other hand, another copywriter in Melbourne might specialise in business-to-consumer copywriting. So this Melbourne writer would work only with companies that sell their products and services to consumers. For example, a company selling leisure travel packages will want to focus on reaching consumers. For this company, a business-to-consumer copywriter in Melbourne would be the right person to help them market their products and services.

It’s possible that a Melbourne copywriting agency might offer both business-to-business and business-to-consumer writing services. In this case, they will be able to assist a wider range of companies with their needs.

But if you are a Melbourne business, why do you need copywriting services? In other words, why is content important? The simple answer is that an experienced writer can make a big difference in the results you get. In fact, research shows that changing a few words in a sample of writing can make a big difference in your results. In one study, for example, changing writing to make the reader imagine using a product, increased results by 40% (this research was conducted by persuasion expert Robert Cialdini). An experienced persuasive writer will know how to apply these techniques when delivering copywriting services to ensure that you get the results you are looking for, which could include more sales and enquiries, and an improved image.

So ask a few questions when looking for a Melbourne copywriting agency for writing services:

  • What area does the agency specialise in?
  • What is the experience level of the copywriter?
  • Are they a business-to-business or business-to-consumer copywriting agency? Or do they offer both types of services?

Why is web copywriting important to a business?

Before looking for a web copywriter in Melbourne for web copywriting services, you might ask, ‘Why is web copywriting important for my business?’

First, you need to recognise the importance of your website in generating leads and sales. Your website is the face of your business. So if the Melbourne website writing services you get are not up to par, you not get the results you wanted. There are many problems that can occur if you don’t hire a professional web copywriter. These include:

  • Mistakes in grammar and spelling – if you can’t even get the words on your website right, how can the website visitor trust you in delivering products and services? A professional look and feel of your website will give people more confidence to work with you. A big part of this image is getting your words right. This is where a Melbourne website copywriter can help by delivering these services.
  • Lack of consistency – this includes keeping words and writing styles consistent. For example, if you deliver IT services, you should spell it the same way throughout your website. Don’t switch between IT and I.T. Also ensure that the heading styles are consistent. If you capitalise each word in a certain level of heading, keep this consistent throughout your website. A professional web copywriter will be able to ensure the writing is consistent. This is something to keep in mind when looking for website writing services.
  • Not focusing on the readers – an inexperienced web copywriter might only focus on the company requiring web copywriting. The idea of good copywriting is to focus on the reader, their challenges and how your product or service solves it for them. A professional Melbourne web copywriter will know how to focus on the reader to get them involved in your product or service, with the aim of having them contact you.

The basic goal of web copywriting services is getting results. A professional Melbourne website copywriter will be able to apply knowledge to generate results you are looking for.

When looking for a website copywriter, you will also want to consider the type of writing services that the writer specialises in. Questions to ask are:

  • What does the web copywriter specialise in? Is it business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or a particular industry?
  • Can I see some samples of what the writer has done for businesses in Melbourne?
  • Does the work look consistent and is it free from errors?

Keep in mind that your choice in selecting website copywriting services can determine the success of your website. If the web copywriter misses the mark and does not connect with readers, it will mean decreased results from your website.

Different types of copywriting

    • SEO Copy Writing

There are many different types of copywriting to consider. One of these is SEO copy writing. When you determined you need SEO for your website, then it’s time to find SEO copywriters.

Millions of Google searches are conducted each year in Australia. With so many people searching, you want them to find your business. This is where SEO copywriting services in Melbourne come into play.

One of the factors determining how your page ranks is keywords. Having the right percentage of keywords in the right places will help your page rank higher in Google search results. This is why Melbourne SEO copywriters are important for providing SEO copywriting services. SEO copywriters do several things:

      • They learn about your business to get an idea of what your customers are looking for and how you solve their problems.
      • They research the keyword ideas to understand what people are searching for and the search volumes.
      • Once the keywords are determined, SEO copywriters will write the content to include the keywords multiple times on each page.

After the copywriting services are delivered and the content is on the page, Google will determine the relevance of the content for the search terms. Keyword density is the percentage of how often the keyword appears on the page. Some experts believe the optimal keyword density is around 2.5%. This means that the keyword you are trying to rank for should appear around 2.5 times for every hundred words. So if you have a 400-word page, it’s suggested that the keyword appear around 10 times on that page. This might sound complicated, but this is the job of SEO copywriters in Australia.

In addition to SEO copywriting services, SEO copywriters can offer other tips for making website as effective as possible. One such tip is to not make the website font too small, as it will make it harder to read. Another is to not use reverse type for large amounts of text. The term ‘reverse type’ describes when you use a light font on a dark background, such as white text on black. Although it might look good, studies have shown that it’s harder to read and comprehend reverse type.

    • Brochure Copy Writing

Brochure copywriting is another subset of copywriting. Unlike SEO copywriting, brochure copywriting doesn’t require keywords. The essential element of brochure copywriting is to be concise. Unlike a website, a brochure has limited space. So when writing a brochure, you need to keep it short. For example, if you are creating an A4 tri-fold brochure, you don’t want to have more than around 800 words. Otherwise, the brochure will be crowded with too much writing. As a result, readers will be turned off by the amount of content and may not read it at all. Also, if you need to use a very small font, people who are farsighted won’t be able to read it without eyeglasses, making another reason not to read the content.

In some cases, you might apply SEO copywriting to you brochure. This would be when you plan to have a PDF of the brochure on your website. By including keywords in your brochure, you make it possible for it to be found by search engines.

    • Case study copywriting

Case study copywriting is another form of copywriting that will help you connect with readers. The great thing with a case study is that it is a subtle way to show off your products and services. With case study copywriting you begin with an explanation of the problem. You give an example of a client who approached the company with a challenge. In response to this challenge, the company studies the problem and creates a solution that uses its products and/or services.

Here’s a hypothetical outline for case study copywriting:

      1. Problem: A dairy products manufacturing company was losing product because the equipment was overfilling product containers resulting in spillage.
      2. Solution:They invited in the solution provider to analyse the situation. This company came up with a solution that uses advanced automation equipment that prevents the problem from occurring.
      3. Result:The solution has resulted in a 95% decrease in product spillage.

When writing a case study be sure to include quotes from the solution provider and the customer. The most effective quotes are from satisfied customers telling about the problem they had before and the results they have gained from the solutions provider. When writing a case study, try to get statistics showing how the solution made a difference, such as:

      • Reduced energy consumption by 25%
      • Saved 30 hours per month in the payroll department
      • Decreased the time spent on accounting tasks by 30%.

The most important thing to remember with case study copywriting is the format: problem, solution, results.

    • Whitepaper copy writing

White paper copywriting can be the key to boost your image and increase sales. The beauty of a white paper is that you are not directly selling your product or service but highlighting your expertise in your industry. A white paper is a report that examines an issue in depth and then proposes a solution. A white paper is written in a formal style. It’s usually fairly long and could be 2,000 to 4,000 words in length. Through white paper copywriting, companies educate readers about an issue and raise awareness about the best practices or solutions available for those issues.

Although other companies will offer these best practices and solutions, the company that created the white paper has automatically positioned itself as the expert in the field. Of course, the white paper should include that company’s logo, so the reader will begin to associate the solutions with the company. Also, the white paper will include contact details and a subtle call to action at the end to get in contact to discuss the issues.

Creating a white paper involves much more than writing — effective graphic design plays a big role. You will want to make it look professional and polished, including charts and graphs. This is where the services of a professional graphic designer come in. So after white paper copywriting, it’s time to get a graphic designer involved. This should be a professionally trained designer who understands branding and design concepts. It could be tempting to cut costs and rely on a Word expert to create the white paper, but it really requires an expert who has mastered design programs (such as InDesign) to create a professional look.

With the time and investment needed for white paper copywriting and design, they are usually produced by organisations that offer complex, technical, and expensive products or services. For example, you will find many white papers on information technology and automation.

How to identify a good copywriter?

When you understand the benefits of effective copywriting, the next question is ‘How do I identify of good copywriter?’ If you Google the term ‘freelance copywriter Australia’, you will get around 750,000 results. Given these results, how would know which freelance copywriter in Australia is a good copywriter? Here are few things to look for when choosing a freelance copywriter:

Experience – how long has the freelance copywriter been providing services? It takes some time to develop writing skills, so the amount of time the freelance copywriter has been honing their skills will have an impact on their results. This is not to say that a new copywriter can’t create effective copy but, overall, experience counts.

Industries served – what type of companies has the freelance copywriter served? Some copywriters specialise in serving certain sectors, such as business to business, business to consumer, not for profit, education or government. If the freelance copywriter has specialised in an area that matches or is close to your business, there will be a smaller learning curve in serving your business. This is not to say that a versatile freelance copywriter can’t work in new areas. A good copywriter should be able to easily move into a new field and provide good work. There are times, however, when specialisation helps. For example, in the financial services industry, copywriters need to understand compliance issues – they shouldn’t write copy in a way that makes promises or sounds too optimistic. Writing in this field sometimes requires specialised knowledge so is best suited to a specialised freelance copywriter.

Testimonials – if a freelance copywriter has done satisfactory work for clients, they should have testimonials from these clients. Positive testimonials should include the name of the persons and the organisation they represent, as it is too easy to write fictitious testimonials and try to pass them off as real.

Samples of freelance copywriting work – ask if the freelance copywriter has samples of work they have completed for other clients. In particular, find out if they have written something similar to what they are looking for. For example, if you run a manufacturing business and need a company profile, ask the freelance copywriter if they written a company profile for a similar business. If they do have a similar sample, see if you like the way it’s written. Every freelance copywriter has a unique style, and it’s not offensive if the style doesn’t match your needs and you select someone else.

After you have looked at these four points, it’s time to make a decision about hiring a freelance copywriter. Trusting your intuition will help you make the best choice when selecting a freelance copywriting services.

How to work with a freelance copywriter or agency?

Once you have found the freelance copywriter in Australia (or more specifically, a freelance copywriting in Melbourne) who you want to work with, the fun begins. You will increase your chances of success if you have a clear understanding of what the copywriting services will include. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Research and interviews – if you are based in Melbourne and working with a freelance copywriter in Melbourne, it would be a good idea to meet to discuss your project. In delivering freelance copywriting services, the Melbourne freelance copywriter can gain more insights by meeting to learn about your business. Taking a tour of your premises will give a better picture of your company’s culture and values.

Once the freelance copywriter understands the project brief, it’s time to begin research and interviews. Research can include viewing documents and other promotional pieces. For example, if your business has a business plan, it might help the freelance Melbourne copywriter understand your business better. Even though this document is internal and private, a business plan should discuss essential points of marketing (such as your target market and unique selling proposition) that will help the freelance copywriter understand your business and what it offers.

In delivering freelance copywriting services, the Melbourne freelance copywriter will need to conduct interviews. These can be over the phone or in person. The important thing to remember is to freely share information with the freelance copywriter. There is nothing worse for hindering the delivery of copywriting services as not having all staff on board with the project.

When staff do not cooperate with the freelance copywriter, and don’t provide all the information needed, it damages the whole process of delivering copywriting services whether in Melbourne in anywhere else in Australia. There are no good reasons for this but sometimes staff feel that the copywriter is an intruder and say things such as ‘What does this person know about our industry or business?’ or ‘What gives this copywriter the right to walk in here and start interviewing us about our business?’ When staff and manager fail to provide the information needed, there’s is a strong chance the delivery of copywriting services will not be successful.

  • Drafting and redrafting – when delivering copywriting services, a freelance Melbourne copywriter will often need to create several drafts. These will usually include minor changes each time until the document is ready for print or online posting. This is to be expected because the freelance copywriter can’t know everything about your business and get it 100% right the first time. The company seeking freelance copywriting services in Melbourne needs to realise this and be patient with the freelance copywriter. The feedback should be constructive and specific, so the copywriter can make changes accordingly. Vague criticisms, such as ‘It’s needs to be snappier’ or ‘It doesn’t grab me’ will do nothing to help the freelance copywriter make changes when delivering freelance copywriting services.

Even worse is when the writing is sent to a committee or across the company for review. In this case ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. When a large number of people review the writing, each will have points for improvement. Some will contradict one another, and others will be ignorant about what effective copywriting is. In these situations, the freelance copywriter needs to be firm and stress that feedback on the work needs to come from one person, not a committee with a range of preferences and opinions.

Before the project begins, the freelance copywriter should discuss how many rounds of changes are included in the quote. In addition, it should be agreed that the there will be one main contact in the company who will provide feedback on the drafts.

  • Payment terms should be discussed with the freelance copywriter delivering freelance copywriting services. If it’s a smaller project, the payment might be made within a certain number of days of completion. If it’s a longer project (for example, a very large website with many pages) the freelance copywriting agency might call for progress payments or monthly payments as the freelance copywriting services are delivered. This should be agreed upon before the work begins. If the freelance copywriter or copywriting agency is not happy the progress of payments, it might reduce their motivation to get the project done.

Remember that the freelance copywriting services you purchase can make a big difference in the results you get. So treat your freelance copywriter well to make sure that they are putting in their best effort.